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 Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys Photographed By Marco Grob For GQ Feb 2014

(Source: GQ)

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    Oh wow cool! Really looking forward. And is Alias like the ONLY spy show ever on tv in the last few…see quite...
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    same here, i hate spy shows that’s why I never watched Alias lol … but this is so much more than a spy show, the main...
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    And their together in real life too.
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    I really need to check this show out because that photoshoot is HAWT!!!!
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    Not this kind of photoshoot, not for Olitz, no. Knowing Shonda, though, she’ll probably push for an O-Choke photoshoot,...
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    Sadly, I don’t see this happening for TG and KW anymore. Too much BTS drama. Now they got publicists intercepting...
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    See?????Fuck it.========>
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    These two…WOO