1. First Look: Mark Millar &Leinil Francis Yu’s ‘Super Crooks’

    CBRhas a lengthy interview with Mark Millar about his upcoming creator owned title, ‘Super Crooks’, where he describes what the series will be like.

    "Supercrooks is such a simple idea – the guy that runs Marvel, Dan Buckley, said to me once “You’re the master of the obvious idea”, and it took me about an hour to figure out that it was an insult. Kick-Ass is one of those stories that is kind of obvious, it’s about what would happen if somebody without super powers in the real world tried to become a superhero. This is another one of those really simple concepts – all the superheroes live in America, so why do the supervillains always commit crimes in Metropolis, Gotham City, or Star City? Why don’t they just go somewhere where there are no superheroes? It would make life an awful lot easier for them. I remember thinking that if I was the Joker or the Mirror Master or someone, I think I’d head for somewhere like Glasgow, where the worst thing that will happen is being chased by a fat cop. That’s the idea of it really, only I thought I’d make it a bit more exotic, so I ended up making it Spain instead. So a bunch of supervillains head for Spain for one last job, for a heist. And I love heist movies – I’ve always wanted to do a ‘men on a mission’ story with supervillains. So the idea is a bunch of super-villains get together to pull off one last job; the biggest job of their career." (via:cbr)

    I’ve always been curious as to why Super Heroes and Super Villains stay typically within just one city. Why does every Marvel superhero and villain only operate out of New York City. Vary it up, go somewhere else, go where the super heroes aren’t. It’s nice to see Millartackling this issue in ‘Super Crooks’ (even though it was touched upon in ‘Wanted’) but what I’m really looking forward to is this being a heist comic. Love-him-or-hate-him, Mark Millar is a dynamic comic writer who delivers more than he misses. it’s fair to say he’s the Michael Bay of comics.

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    Super villains moves to Spain
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    yeah, i just wish he’d deliver on a consistent basis. Cough, Cough (Kick-Ass 2) Cough, Cough.
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    I would dedicate 2 full years of my life as an indentured servant to get to see a movie written by Mark Millar and...
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