1. Discussing the attractive qualities of The new Wendy’s spokeswoman with Cokedupjesus┬áhas been one of the more entertaining aspects of my day. You kind of feel bad for the real life Wendy since she does the commercials that cater to the mommy crowd, while sexy-office-coworker Wendy has got it going on. New Wendy might have displaced Esurance’s Flo as sexiest spokeswoman.

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    I have such a thing for the Wendy’s girl
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    I want the Wendy’s girl to love me.
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  37. popculturebrain said: Easily replaces Flo
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    I’d give her the flatbread bacon ranch. I’d give her the flatbread bacon ranch all night loooooong. I mean I find this...
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  43. fuiru said: YES.
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    I often wondered if young Wendy was actually the daughter of real Wendy, but I guess not.
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    Anyone else getting hungry for a Double Stack?
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