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(Rumor) Does Marvel Have Some Big Plans For The Hulk In Their Phase 2 & Phase 3 Plans?

Possible Massive Spoilers For The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Follow.

LatinoReview has learned of the possible long-rage plans for Marvel’s Phase 2 & Phase 3 of their cinematic universe. Plans which include The Hulk as a major player and even possibly getting his own solo film after Avengers 2. If Latino Review’s sources are correct the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will follow this blue print.

  • Don’t expect to see the Hulk until 2015′s ‘The Avengers 2’, as per Feige.  DO expect to see a third act or post-credits scene of the sequel that sets up Hulk’s next standalone picture (Planet Hulk)
  • After being deemed a serious threat to the Earth by Marvel’s Illuminati (a secret organization of powerful heroes that includes Tony Stark, the soon to be introduced Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Namor, etc…), the Hulk is sent off into space against his will.
  • With  Hulk off planet and in the far reaches of the galaxy he crash lands on an alien planet. This will give The Hulk lots of new opportunities to smash all new sorts of enemies. 
  • The solo Hulk film will center around the the arc of ”Planet Hulk” as he becomes enslaved on the planet Sakaar, is forced to participate in gladiatorial games and eventually becomes a hero of the rebellion  against the Red King.
  •  At the end of Planet Hulksome events transpire that get the Hulk pretty even more enraged at the Illuminati. Now The Hulk is madder than ever and also has an army super strong followers.  The theory goes that Hulk and his warbound fighters will return to Earth in The Avengers 3 to follow Greg Pak’s ‘World War Hulk’ story arc.
  • Avengers 3 (World War Hulk) will have the Hulk and his warriors defeating every hero and heroic team on Earth, eventually pitting them against each other in the Hulk’s own version of gladiatorial combat.
  • One thing that makes the standalone Hulk movie more probable is the fact that Mark Ruffalo has signed on for a six-picture deal with Marvel. 

What makes this scoop seem legit is that Marvel has been very tenacious about trying to silence Latino Review about letting these details loose.

It’s all but officially confirmed by Marvel that ‘Iron Man 3’ will send Tony Stark into space as a bridge for ’ Guardians of the Galaxy’ which will lead into Avengers 2. Having Avengers 2 which will focus on Thanos as the cosmic threat will open the door for Marvel sending their heroes into space whenever they want. Since Marvel hasn’t introduced enough heroes to make a Civil War film it would make sense to go down the route of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk

If Marvel does introduce The Illuminati in the cinematic universe they will have to introduce Namor, Black Panther, Black Bolt and or some other characters to fill roles in Illuminati with Professor X and Mr. Fantastic being properties of FOX at the moment.

Marvel was very  ambitious with their plans for ‘Iron Man’ to lead into The Avengers five years later. Now if they can pull of their Phase 2 and Phase 3 plans to tackle these large scale stories I think any fan of the films and comics will be truly impressed. Plus, this is all just a rumor right now.

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