1. Avengers #1 Assembles a Much Larger And Diverse Avengers Team

     Jonathan Hickman & Jerome Opena’s Avengers #1 was such a fantastic 1st issue for relaunching The Avengers. It builds off the core team seen in the Avengers movie, but also fills out the roster even further with Tony Start having the realization that The Avengers needs to be a bigger, multifaceted team. One capable of dealing with a multitude of scenarios and events. So basicly The Justice League Unlimited (but with Avengers).

    The final page of the issue reveals the new members of the team and teases that more are yet to come with a final roster of 24 characters.

    The new roster of The Avengers include:

    • Smasher –  A member of the Shi’Ar Imperial guard
    • Captain Universe – The holder of the Uni-Power, several hosts have been Captain Universe. We’re guessing that the former Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau is the current host. Especially when it could be guessed that she was looking out at Avengers Tower after Captain America’s call went out
    • Hyperion –  A Superman rip-off character in the villainous group the Squadron Sinister, Hyperion is a member of Squadron Supreme, from an alternate universe. It’s unknown what universe or what version of Hyperion is present here.
    • Cannonball – Long time member of the New Mutants, X-Force and the X-Men
    • Sunspot-  Another long time member of the New Mutants, X-Force and the X-Men
    • Spider-Man – Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
    • Wolverine – Cause running a school in Westchester doesn’t take up his time
    • Eden Fesi – With reality bending powers, Eden Fesi was under the guidance of the mutant Gateway and then recruited to be one of the Secret Warriors
    • Shang Chi – Master of Kung-Fu
    • Falcon – Longtime Avenger and parter to Captain America
    • Captain Marvel – Long time Avenger
    • Spider-Woman – Long time Avenger and sometime Hydra double (or triple) agent


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    Blogging about this issue again, but I really loved the graphs in this issue too. It screams Jonathan Hickman haha,...
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    Ah cool, I was wondering about this make-up for this team.
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    Assemble at Dawn.
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    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Shang, but let’s be real, Eden is the best. Also can we start a betting pool for how...
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    I’m actually pretty surprised that there are two New Mutants on the team. I’m glad Eden’s a recruit though, and...
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  27. rafaelsales said: I must say that i am not a real fan of the avengers but i really liked the ex-nihilo guy. i even thought it was an old pal but i searched to find he is a creation of the creative team. Have you been reading the Thor issues by Jason Aaron and Ribic?
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