1. Confirmed | The Wire’s Chad Coleman Cast As Tyreese In ‘The Walking Dead’ 

    'Walking Dead': 'Wire' Alum to Play Fan Favorite Tyreese

    There’s a new hero coming to AMC’s The Walking Dead.  The Wire alum Chad Coleman has been tapped to play fan-favorite character Tyreese in the zombie drama based on the comics created by Robert Kirkman, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

    In the Image comics, Tyreese first appeared in the seventh issue, crossing paths with Rick and his group on the highway, with the former sheriff providing food for the former Atlanta Falcons linebacker and his family before joining the fold. The character eventually works his way up as Rick’s No. 2 following Shane’s death and becomes a love interest for both Carol and Michonne. The character is rumored to make his debut in The Walking Dead’s Dec. 2 midseason finale, potentially setting up another major reveal the way the series first introduced Michonne during the second-season finale.

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    HAHAHA I TOLD YOU. They DID kill off the black guy in the last episode. No room for two main black guys! No way!...
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    I really can’t see Michonne ‘with’ anyone but kay
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    Poor Oscar. Enjoy him while I can. (in all seriousness I thought the way they were going to introduce tyreese’s...
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    FINALLY! I really wanted him here when they got to the prison for the whole scene about him getting locked in the gym...
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    This is awesome news, but I kind of wonder if it would have been more awesome if it was kept under wraps and we were...
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