1. If Mr. Feeny doesn’t end up in the 'Boy Meets World' spin-off series 'Girl Meets World' then that show shouldn’t exist. George Feeny stalked those kids their entire elementary school and collegiate careers. It’s only fitting the showrunners runners figured out a way to weesle him into the life of Cory and Topanga’s kid. If that character isn’t forced into ‘Girl Meets World’ in some ham-fisted way that show is nothing but wasted potential and crap. It also might turn out to be total crap because 90’s nostalgia only gets you so far before you realize some of the stuff you liked in the 90’s was actually kind of terrible. ‘Boy Meets World’ is one of those things. Great show up until they stared dicking around with the continuity of the show, and making Cory and Topanga best friends since birth which was not the case when the show started. The entire series also steadily went downhill after Mr. Turner got into his (fatal?) motorcycle accident and was never mentioned again after that season. The ‘Boy Meets World’ continuity is one of the most aggravating TV show continuities,ever, because they kept changing everyone’s backstory at a certain point. But I digress..

    Also at the time of writing this I didn’t take the time to look and see if William Daniels was still alive. I hear he’s kind of a dick in real life, but part of me wants to think that Mr. Feeny as a separate entity from William Daniels, one that is an eternal force that will never die.

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    so so so so excited.. i grew up watching this show. and i hope they bring back feeny. he was a great character in boy...
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  13. stphn said: also, he’s awesome in Grey’s Anatomy
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