1. Avengers + Hunger Games+Battle Royale = Avengers Arena 

    It looks like Marvel got wise to the fact that kids love those so-so ‘Hunger Games’ books and decided to take the ‘Hunger Games’ concept and mix it the Battle Royale premise and add in their flagship Avengers franchise to create Avengers Arena.

    The premise is a pretty simple. Lame X-Men villain, Arcade kidnaps 16 young heroes to fight for survival in Murder World, which is now a private island. Avengers Arena will see the return of Darkhawk (a personal favorite of mine) along with X-23, Hazmat, Mettle, Reptil from AVENGERS ACADEMY, and Nico & Chase from RUNAWAYS among others Lesser known Marvel characters that have affiliation with X-Men or Avengers.

    The creative team is what really had me sold on this book, and Darkhawk of course. Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker have been doing under-the-radar quality work at Marvel for a while now. Especially Kev Walker who has been killing it on Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers recently. Regardless of how clearly it is inspired by Hunger Games, what I like about this title from the start is that it’s just different. It features underutilized characters, and not big name Avengers or X-Men characters. Avengers Arena could be a truly nice surprise from the Marvel Now! relaunch.

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    holy fuck, Darkhawk’s back? that’s it, I’m fucking reading this
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    Kbunny10! Look at this =)
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  27. niub said: you might want to google Battle Royale, since it’s basically the same cover, meaning it probably has nothing to do with the Hunger games
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  29. algorithmsandcinematics said: Looks more like Avengers + Battle Royale. Even has a similar logo as BR.
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    Looks a tad more like Battle Royale with the B/W art and red ink for the text aspects, but nonetheless, I may need to...
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  33. fuiru said: The cover image tells me it’s more of an homage to Battle Royale than Hunger Games…
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