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Matthew Fox Looks Like A Cracked-Out MMA Fighter In ‘Alex Cross’

I guess after punching that woman in her vagina last year while on a massive bender, Matthew Fox decided he really needed to change his image. The first stills from the new Alex Cross movie clearly titled ‘Alex Cross’ have appeared online. The new movie substitutes Tyler Perry for Morgan Freeman (in what world does that make sense?!?) and features Matthew Fox as Michael Sullivan, a ruthless assassin who murders Cross’ wife. I’m not sure if I loathe Matthew Fox because he’s a so-so actor and the back-half of the ‘LOST’ series relied so heavily upon his character, it was one of the many reasons ‘LOST’ turned into a cluster-fuck of a TV series. Matthew Fox should have stayed on that island instead of trying painfully hard to reinvent himself as a serious actor now. Sorry Matthew, just not feeling this new look.

via: filmstage

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