1. The New ‘American Reunion’ Poster Is A Photshopped Mess

    It’s commendable that the new ‘American Reunion’ poster pays homage to the first ‘American Pie’ poster, but that still doesn’t save this poster from being an absolute mess. A few things about this poster.

    1. Why is Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) looking at Jim like he wants to be inside him.
    2. Oz (Chris Klein) is also giving Jim the very same look but from a really awkward angle.
    3. Remember when Natasha Lyonne was cracked-out of her mind and molested someone’s dog. Yeah, well She doesn’t look like herself anymore. Some might remember her from an episode of ‘New Girl’ earlier this season where she looked super rough. Kind of like herself but wearing a Natasha Lyonne sweaty fat suit.
    4. That isn’t  Tara Reid circa 2011, because she hasn’t looked that cleaned up since 2001.
    5. Where is Tara Reid even coming from? She looks like she belongs on an entirely different movie poster
    6. What is Eddie Kay eThomas doing? (he’s staring into the void that is Sean William Scott’s perfect toothy smile).
    7. Chris Klien tiny cocaine eyes.
    8. Was anyone really demanding this movie? 
    9. There’s sooo much terrible photoshop going on here.
    10. Alyson Hannigan’s awkward bottle-holding hand looks like a birth defect.
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    The Dark Knight Rises?! Avengers?! Whats Thats?!!
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    This is such a mess!
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    I was a stand-in for this movie and its poster. The great thing was this poster was shot on a day when they actually had...
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    This has to be a joke. Are we not over this yet? Can’t wait for Step Up 16.
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    Really, enough alreafy
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    I am flapping my arms like a child with autism
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